Back Pocket Design

Feb 22nd, 2011

Back Pocket Design

How do you tell one pair of designer jeans from the next??  Simple, all you have to do is take a look at the back pockets.  The designer denim craze has created a population that is obsessed and fascinated with back pocket designs.  Most brands today have such a distinctive back pocket that makes them easily identifiable.

With unique colors, stitching, shape, and size, choosing the best back pocket for you can become a daunting task.  Just because the design may appear to you on the hanger does not mean the back pocket will work on your body.  Keep reading to see which

Every brand has a distinctive color, stitching, shape or size that can either enhance or detract from your behind when you are wearing them. They may look great on the hanger, but do nothing for you when they are on your body. We“ll try to help you understand what“s best for your size and shape.

Oversized pockets:

Oversized pockets can be funky and fun but they do not necessarily work on all bodies.  When oversized pockets are placed very low and end up sitting more on the back of your thigh than on your butt, they can create the appearance of a perky butt on smaller seats.  For those of us with a larger bottom, these oversized pockets can make our behinds look even larger and shorter.  Check out J & Company’s Malibu jean for a great clean oversized pocket.

Embellishments and Flaps:

Heavily embellished back pockets can really make heads turn. Intricate embroidery (like that on J & Company’s Beverly New Dagger), multi-colored stitching (on Antik’s Bootcut and Wide Leg) , and fabric insets (like that on Kasil’s Eleanore) are all designed to focus attention on your assets. These types of pockets are great for adding dimension and interest to your seat. While this is perfect for flat seats, making them appear fuller and rounder, it can be too much added bulk for those with fuller behinds.

Special Shaping:

Technology and art come together creating pockets with an extra lift.  Asymmetrical pockets with angled corners and unique shaping are specifically designed to flatter your seat. Darted back pockets create extra curve for your seat while special angles and corners work with your curves to give an illusion of lift. Done right, these jean pockets work well for anyone.

Siwy jeans are one brand that is integrating this special shaping into their design.  The tulip-shaped back pockets on both the Hannah and Kat jeans create the appearance of a fuller and perkier behind.

Blue Cult’s Original Buttlifter and Kate Buttlifter also use this special technology.  The yoke or back seam is removed from the jeans which allows for higher pockets and an instant lift.  Diagonally placed darts also give the illusion of a perkier behind.


A basic back pocket design may seem hard to find these days but a simply designed rear is a classic way to show off simple signature stitching.  The classic back pocket has a basic spade shape that flatters every figure.  Red Engine jeans have mastered the art of the basic back pocket.  Wrangler 47 is yet another brand that keeps it simple and classic when it comes to back pockets.  These simple designs are clean and refreshing in this age of back pocket mania.

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