Kayo Global Sustainability Report

We launched our sustainability efforts in 2005, and to date have made changes that are adding real value to our business. By transitioning to renewable energy sources and improving the efficiency of our facilities and transportation methods, we are working to reduce our energy use and emissions. By sending our waste to recycling facilities instead of the landfill, we are making more recycled commodities available for new packaging and products. And by providing our customers with product choices that can reduce their impact on the environment, we are helping them save energy, water and money.

Objectives and Actions

We are working to make our clothing line more sustainable by integrating more sustainable fibers into the clothing and textiles. We are approaching this effort from different angles by:
  • including more alternative or recycled materials in the fabric of our clothing product line.
  • working to improve packaging such as using tags that are made from recycled paper or eliminating individual polybags.
  • looking beyond these initiatives for any dramatic innovations in our clothing production process.
Currently, we are in the initial stages of:
  • making our textile supply chain more sustainable by educating our production team and merchandisers about specific network goals.
  • increasing the number of products with organic cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable fibers.
  • developing a list of key questions we ask our textile suppliers in order to learn about their sustainability efforts and initiatives. The list includes questions on:
    • recycling materials and reducing energy consumption,
    • reducing toxic chemical usage,
    • reusing fabric scraps,
    • using alternative sustainable fabrics,
    • knowing the origin of their product from cradle to grave, and
    • measuring and reducing water use in the production cycle.